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The Program

Training: The Max Testa Indoor Cycling Program uses each athlete's measured physiological response to exercise (the blood lactate test) to construct an individual fitness profile.  Dr. Testa then uses this blood lactate test to design a customized power-based training program for each athlete.  The program consists of 6-week training blocks, with two training sessions per week. During the sessions, each athlete trains on his or her own bicycle mounted on a computrainer, working at his or her individual, scientifically calculated physiological power zones. While the athletes train within their own customized power zones, they do so in a group ride setting. This ensures that each training session provides maximal efficiency and maximal efficacy--the same qualities demanded by professional racers--as well as the comradery of the perfect group ride (nobody gets "dropped").  Training sessions will begin November 12, 2013 and we will continue through spring with a total of four 6-week blocks, coordinating with the race/riding season.  

Lactate Testing: Lactate production in response to increasing workload is unique to each athlete and changes with level of fitness.  While a athlete rides his or her bike on a computrainer, one of our physicians painlessly measures blood lactate levels as exercise intensity is increased in a step-wise fashion over 15-20 minutes. These results (loads, heart rates, perceived exertion levels, lactate readings and the athlete's personal profile) are sent to Dr. Testa who correlates the measured lactate levels to the measured power production and other parameters in order to construct a unique training program for each athlete. These are the same training programs used by the BMC Cycling Team, one of pro cycling's dominant teams.  Lactate testing is the basis of the program's success and, as such, every athlete should be retested every six months.  

"Max Testa's program is the edge I need to stay competitive throughout the season.  It keeps me fit in the winter and prepares me to ride well in the spring.  This program enhances my enjoyment of this great sport."
....Tim, 51 years old, business executive, cyclist 

 "I've got three kids and can't find the time to train during the week.  The computrainer program allows me to stay in shape for my weekend rides, all year long, rain or shine, cold or hot."
....Trish, 36 years old, homemaker, cyclist

"Dr. Testa's program made a huge difference in my cycling performance this year.  I plan to use his methods as a permanent part of my training."
...Juan, 41 years old, cyclist, outdoorsman

 "This program allows me to train efficiently during the week, allowing me the luxury of riding for fun on the weekends or doing other activities--and not sacrificing fitness.  This past year I skied 60 days, windsurfed multiple weekends, worked full-time, continued to be a father and husband... and still had my best cycling season ever.  For me, Max Testa's training system is the answer to being in top condition while living the rest of your life."
....Mike, 56 years old, physician, cyclist, outdoorsman

 "My coach Dr. Max Testa is one of the most informed doctors when it comes to cycing and endurance sports."
...Levi,  professional cyclist
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